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Testimonials and Technology Reviews

“Cian came to my house to upgrade my computer. I ended up changing to a Mac and he advised me as to what I would need, then converted my complete system over while teaching me how to use the Mac. He is very professional, honest, knowledgeable, and very patient instructing and talks on a level I could easily understand. He is friendly and after a short time you feel like you have known him for a long time. He also follows up to make sure you are comfortable using your new system. His fees are very reasonable. I would highly recommend him and am very happy I called him.”

- S. Doyle : Florence, Mass.

"Cian is tenacious and talented - he fixed a couple of nasty problems that fancy tech guys have been baffled by.  He is a delight and a totally smart guy.  Thank you for sending Cian our way."

- W. Newton : Northampton, Mass.

"Cian is a terrific technical teacher/fixer.  He repaired some "bugs" my laptop had and taught me, a senior, some new and valuable tricks.  His price is also inexpensive for such individualized instruction.  He is really good!"

- M. Lehan : Westfield, Mass.

“It is with a great deal of pleasure that I share my experience with Cian….he is a real pro complete with  caring and…… lots more patience that I have….Cian has held “my hand” and led me gently thru my computer challenges….both with my old Microsoft and now with my Mac…he calmed me down and repaired and adjusted all that I had screwed up.  I sincerely regret that more computer guru’s and not like him.  And to cap things off…his pricing is comfortable.”

- D. Levitan : Northampton, Mass.

“CIan provided my home security. I now feel totally safe and at ease in my house.  I can monitor all of the devices installed in my house with my iPhone.

• There are 3 cameras in operation, the driveway cam, the back porch gate, and the porch entryway at the side of my house. All cameras except the Driveway Cam are off unless the house is in armed mode, which only happens when I am away longer then 15 minutes or have gone to bed. The one I particularly like is the driveway. It would hinder anyone from coming to my house who should not be approaching.

• I also have a motion detector in my living room which arms the security system if there is no movement after 9:30 pm for 15 minutes.  Even with the security system armed no motion sensors are on inside the house and I can move around inside my house with no issues. I am alerted if a door or window opens when the security system is on. Also if there is movement on the porch or deck. 

• The locks on two of my doors are coded so that I can open them without keys. I also have an app on my phone that has a camera focused on the back gate and back garden. 

• Lights that automatically come on in my living room and studio at night. I also am notified if I left the oven on, as well as, the following:

• Turn on/off my air conditioner in studio

• I am notified if studio falls below 40 degrees

• I am notified if studio door is opened

• I have a dog cam on my porch where the dog can be viewed if I am away

• All of the above I can do with my iPhone.

• And best of all there is no monthly fee or subscription.” 

- Olwen O’Herlihy : Chester, Mass